Through the eyes of an OT grad student

Kiersten Johnson completed a clinical rotation here at Sierra Therapy Group and blogged about her experience.  Kiersten is an OT graduate student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR who grew up in Carson City.  Here is her experience through her eyes:

“Hello, I would like to share my wonderful experiences as an occupational therapy student at Sierra Therapy Group.  As part of my graduate education I completed a 10-week clinical rotation working with Rhonda Serr as my clinical supervisor.  Over the 10 weeks I had an opportunity to not only work with amazing clients and their families, but to also work with a successful interdisciplinary team of fabulous speech and occupational therapists, working together to create an environment of success for their clients.

As a student you come into a setting with an open mind ready to learn and absorb as much new information as possible.  We are provided with general knowledge and background to work within a pediatric setting, but real learning happens with real clients and supervisors to support you along the way.

Sierra Therapy Group, particularly Rhonda, provided me not only with an incredible setting to learn, but she also guided me in developing skills I needed to become a successful future occupational therapist.

During my rotation I had an opportunity to work with children with varying diagnoses such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, and sensory processing disorders.  In learning about each of these conditions, I discovered that regardless of a child’s diagnosis, they are still just children.  Children with families who want them to play, learn, and explore their environments.  As occupational therapists, we have the capacity to encourage and enhance a child’s abilities to simply be children and eventually develop the skills necessary for the maximal level of independence in their lives.

I am forever grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from each and every member of the Sierra Therapy Group team, as well as to have met and worked with the clients and families during my rotation.  After completing my first clinical rotation, I left with a new found passion for working within a pediatric setting, and I look forward to my future as an occupational therapist when I graduate in 2013.”

Thank you Rhonda for going above and beyond to pass your knowledge and passion about occupational therapy to graduate students.  Check back for a future blog from Bryn who is here now completing one of her 10-week rotations!